SHOREBIRD to release The Raised By Wolves’ “Sadie Hawkins” on CD/LP/DIGITAL this winter!​


We’re really excited to announce that The Raised By Wolves have joined the Shorebird family and are thrilled to be partnering with the band to bring their debut, “Sadie Hawkins,” to an international and wider audience this Winter! Check out the music video for their song “Freddy Freaker”, which described as “hypnotizing.” The video made waves in the blogosphere and landed the group a feature on The Village Voice a mere two days after the premiere. The band has its sights set on the road this October, with their first tour around the mid-Atlantic and Northeast that includes a stop in NYC during CMJ week.​​

Check out their band page HERE for more information on the band!

Wheat Announce Fall Tour Dates!


Wheat have announced a string of Fall dates in support of the deluxe reissue of their debut album, Medeiros, and their upcoming mini album, Wishing Good Things For The World.

We hope to see you out there!

SHOREBIRD is thrilled to announce that we have signed Eric Matthews to a multi-record deal!

“For the past decade or so, it’s been hip to use terms like orchestral pop, and drop “auteur” names like Brian Wilson and Jimmy Webb.  Eric Matthews was there first and does it best.” - MOJO
EM – “[He] makes arrangements strong enough to make George Martin blush.” – Rolling Stone
Eric’s music has been praised by Rolling Stone, New York Times, Billboard, MOJO, Boston Globe, and everybody else in-between. Our love affair for Eric’s music goes back many years to the release of his debut record under the name “Cardinal” (a collaboration with Australian singer/songwriter, Richard Davies) – it was just re-issued by Fire Records in the UK. Cardinal was one of the most critically acclaimed records of the 90’s and is considered to be one of the most important records of that time (if you haven’t heard it, we recommend tracking down a copy).  Eric went on to release stellar solo records with Sub Pop and then Empyrean (throughout the last 20 years).  Please check back soon for release details.

SHOREBIRD to release Best Dog Award’s debut EP “Faith-Based Space Place” on CD/LP/DIGITAL this Fall!



“…some of the most creative, enthralling music that Tucson has laid claim to in many moons​” – Tucson Weekly

Every once in a while a band comes along that really grabs your attention – and for we folks here at Shorebird – Best Dog Award is that band.  Best Dog Award is a party of three, twenty-somethings hailing from the deserts of Tucson, Arizona. A flurry of dreamy, yet spontaneously chaotic guitar meets droning electric organ only to be topped off by delightfully stripped down rhythms to create perfectly matched tones.​ These guys have already shared the stage with artists such as Vampire Weekend and Youth Logoon and will be playing plenty of shows (hopefully in your town) in the near future.  Check back soon for full release details, in the mean time, check out the video for “Successful” off of the upcoming EP here.

BEST DOG AWARD presents: “Successful” from Felt Film on Vimeo.

SHOREBIRD to release Building Birds’ “Swirling Among the Stars” on CD/LP/DIGITAL this winter!​


Shorebird is thrilled to welcome Building Birds to the Shorebird family.  Building Birds began in Flint, Michigan, United States in early 2014 when long-time friends Ashley Peacock (vocals, guitar) and Johnny Mason (bass) began writing songs in Johnny’s living room with the intent of starting a shoegaze band. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds and experiences, and instead of forcing things, the duo let the writing take its natural course and ended up with a delicious mix of American indie and British pop with overt shoegaze influences. In the spring of 2014, Todd Gilbert was brought in to drum and Taylor VonBrockdorff fell into second guitar duties.  Check out their band page here and stay tuned for updates!


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Best Dog Award - Successful
Building Birds - The Dream
The Raised By Wolves - Freddy Freaker
Wheat - Finding Wings
Vio/Miré - Foxes